A Growing collection of my favourite brands

I decided to start Seek & Hide when I found it really difficult to buy subtle, plain coloured basics for both of my children. Everywhere I looked, clothes were mostly in primary colours with large patterns all over. This made putting outfits together much more difficult than a smaller choice made up of interchangeable colours.

My daughter now loves to get involved in choosing a “good outfit” and it’s far easier for her to mix and match items together with a smaller range of clothes to work with. I hope my son will do the same soon enough too! As we’ve opted for mostly gender neutral staples, he’ll be able to use all the same clothes again when he grows into them which is extremely satisfying, especially when clothes are so well made.

Laura - Founder, Seek & Hide


Brands with big ambitions
We source independent boutique brands from all over the world with an attention to transparency over the manufacturing process and consideration for the fibres used in each garment. 

Make your mornings easier
With a simpler range of clothes to start with, getting dressed becomes quicker from a younger age.

More Economical Overall
Creating a “capsule wardrobe” for a child is more economical too. The simpler the clothing, the fewer items you need to buy. As the colours are all interchangeable, washing can be done in fewer loads.