How it all started...

A bit of background
I have never been desperate to open a business. I am the sort of person who has always been very happy working away for someone else, content to shut down my laptop at 6pm or thereabouts and skip home without any thoughts other than whether I’d had a productive day or not and what I’d have for dinner!

A change of pace
When I found myself on maternity leave, not once, but two years later, a second time around, I discovered a totally different pace of life and completely new challenges.

It was during the second maternity leave that things got particularly tricky. Partly because, for obvious reasons, two is more difficult to manage, but also because although both of my children seem to have been fairly easy going babies, once my eldest got to around 2 and a half, the sass started to ramp up, and I realised why people said parenting was so exhausting.

It wasn’t the sleeping that was the issue particularly (although of course, with a newborn, I’ve had better nights!) it was how draining every single day felt. How some days could be so difficult to make interesting, but with brief moments far too dramatic. As the year went by, and I continued to look after both of them almost full time, I started to seek ways to solve certain problems.

The creation of company
Because children outgrow clothes quickly, my target became getting both kids into anything I bought. As I have a girl and a boy, gender neutral options were far more economical and satisfying.

The more I looked for subtle colours, dark ones please, weaning a child isn’t great for pastels, the more I realised that it was difficult to find. Each time I found something I liked, it was from the other side of the globe and the shipping charge was almost as much as the item itself. I discovered that there was a real gap in the market for stylish basics for children and Seek & Hide was born.

The benefits to creating a capsule wardrobe
Since I’ve started using the capsule wardrobe approach, I’ve reaped added bonuses:

  • Choice isn’t helpful to children, the fewer items you have on offer, the quicker it is to throw something on.
  • Mixing and matching simple basics means that anyone in the family can take charge without pain. My daughter likes to choose what would look nice on my son, and I know many parents, admittedly mostly dads, who would feel relieved to know they can’t make a wrong decision.
  • Handing down clothes works much better when you have less to start with. It’s easier to stay organised and make sure that the second time around, the right stuff is ready at the right time.

My children have been loving wearing the clothes on our site, I really think that yours would too. Please do have a look at our shop.