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The clothing brands I love for me

Laura Kelly

Since launching Seek & Hide and sharing the details with friends, I have been asked a few times about whether we will venture into adults clothes. The simple answer is that I do not feel the need to. I started up our business because I wanted to find clothes for my children that were similar to the clothes I love to buy for myself.

I don’t have trouble finding clothes that I love so I don’t really see that there is a problem to solve there! I have a few brands that I really go to on a regular basis for simple but excellent quality essentials, so I have put together a list of my favourite go to brands. 

Margaret Howell 
I discovered this amazing designer only about a year ago and it was my idea of a perfect wardrobe. Her clothes are simple, no fuss pieces that will not get me noticed. I like the casual smart look which is great for work. The quality is exceptional, the fabrics are a dream and there is a fascinating short video on her website of the manufacturing process of one of the shoes in her range.

This brand is my go to for casualwear, in particular sweatshirts. I once commented on another mother’s sweatshirt at a softplay birthday party. I had noticed that the colour was something a bit special. She mentioned Folk and the rest is history. I couldn’t resist that sweatshirt, the colour was called sulphur!

Although quite a lot of the clothes are a bit too bohemian for me, I have noticed that this company are conscious on the origin of their clothes and have a dedicated page outlining their ethical policy. I have been looking at their t-shirts quite a bit this season and it has been noted that they are made in Portugal which is really nice to see.

I just stumbled across this brand a few days ago. Founded in Australia, Bassike has been around since 2006, so glad to finally be aware of them as it was a delightful find when I visited their site! They have a focus on local production which is important to me and a commitment to sustainable manufacturing.

Trainers with a conscience. I love that they have a vegan range, I also like that they are not showy and just stick to simple designs that are functional and comfortable. The Guardian recently did an excellent photo essay on the company following their manufacturing process from working with local communities in Amazonia to source rubber, right through to the final product.

Hardly an unknown company, but I was delighted to be able to get my favourite sandals from their vegan range which seems to be expanding each season.

Introducing Swimwear by Ina Swim

Laura Kelly


When I came across Ina Swim a few months ago whilst researching environmentally conscious swimwear, it was love at first sight. Not only was there a lot of detail on their website about their efforts to keep their carbon footprint to a minimum, but their style was so in line with ours, that I couldn’t have sourced something more suitable if I had continued researching for a whole year!

The fabric used for the swimwear is called Econyl which is made from pre and post consumer waste products, like fishing nets, fabric scraps and carpet flooring from industrial landfills and oceans around the globe. This means that new resources don’t need to be used to create the range. The manufacturing process is very transparent also, with photos and videos of the plants on their website.

So here we are a few months later on, able to offer this beautiful swimwear to our customers and we hope it will delight you as much as it does us. We road tested the Mara and the Zimmi on our holidays recently, and they were so hard wearing. I felt like my children really stood out from the array of fluorescent prints that are so commonplace by the pool! I am extremely proud to bring them to the UK.

Proud to Present sem label

Laura Kelly


When I was developing the concept for Seek & Hide, I created a list of the brands that inspired me and sem label were at the very top. We are delighted to bring this range to the UK and to launch it in our store.

Not only is the sem label collection absolutely beautiful and truly original, the brand designer, Kelsey Medynski, is committed to making a positive impact environmentally on the fashion industry. The clothes are made in Canada and the details of the manufacturing sites are indicated on her website.

85% of the fabric for her clothing was also made in Canada. The clothes themselves are made predominantly out of bamboo, a more sustainable crop than cotton.

We hope you love the clothes as much as we do.